Pilots at Jet2.com UK can use any of the following 2 methods to import flights :

  • Sabre CWP (on-line):  the CONNECT and PILOTLOG apps connect straight to the Sabre CWP portal. Import your planned roster and historical data with a single tap of the button.

  • EFOS WEB (efb) :  PILOTLOG imports your Journey Log EFB files (continue reading here below)

How to import EFOS

Follow these 5 steps :

1) Forward the EFOS emails that you receive from the company to the following EFB Inbox :     


  • you will not get any confirmation email 
  • you can send EFOS emails in any order
  • it may take up to 15 minutes before your EFOS email is processed
  • you must send EFOS emails from your company email account

 FEB 2020   For security reasons, we do no longer accept emails from your private email address

 FEB 2020   Each pilot must forward it's own EFOS emails - this is to solve issues with pilots having the identical names


You can configure your mailbox to automatically forward all company email reports to our EFB Inbox.  Follow these guidelines :  

Make sure to auto-forward only EFOS emails.  Other messages will be ignored and automatically deleted.


Do not use the EFB Inbox for any other purpose. The inbox is monitored against abuse and protected against malware. You cannot use this email address to contact CrewLounge SUPPORT.

2) Login to My CrewLounge (here) and insert your company email address (@jet2.com) in the Roster Key field:

3) In the PILOTLOG desktop or mobile app, select the Jet2.com EFB (EFOS) interface from the Settings - Airline Interface page.  


You can actually run different interfaces on different devices :


   - import your planned roster from the Sabre CWP portal on your mobile phone

   - use the EFOS interface on the desktop to import historical flight data

You can even share records between different apps :


   - import your planned roster with the CrewLounge CONNECT app, these records will also synchronize with the CrewLounge PILOTLOG app (unless you turn this option Off from the My CrewLounge page)

   - import EFOS with CrewLounge PILOTLOG

4) In the PILOTLOG desktop or mobile app, go to the Tables - Pilot List and edit Pilot SELF :  

You must insert your name (as printed in the EFOS Journey Log) in the ROSTER NAME field.

e.g.  if your name is listed in EFOS as "LHS :  John DOE" then insert "John DOE" in this field, and press Save.

Omitting this step may result in your name and Pilot SELF both being listed on the same flight.  Continue with this article (read here) to have that cleaned-up.

5) Okay, you are ready to go !  On the Airline page, hit the Start button...