Your credentials are not shared with us!

Sharing your login credentials and passwords with third-party companies is a breach of your company's Cyber Security Policy. We emphasize that your login details are not shared with CrewLounge AERO! 

Every month we process millions of flights and other duties for crew members around the world. We import crew rosters from more than 450 airlines

Depending on the crew management system that is used in your company, CrewLounge AERO either imports a PDF or other file format with your flight schedule (offline import), or we connect straight to the crew web portal and download your roster automatically (online download).

The online download function requires that you insert the login credentials into the CrewLounge AERO app. The app needs your credentials to connect with the crew web portal and download your roster. As you can see yourself during the download process, our apps are actually using the web browser (Safari or Chrome) of your mobile device to connect to the company crew web portal. When you click on the download button, the CrewLounge AERO app will fill in your login details in the local web browser, that's it.  

There is absolutely no difference whether you log in via the web browser yourself to view your flight schedule, or whether our app does this automatically for you.  Both use the security of the web browser to send and receive data!  You can think of our apps as a 'fancy add-on' to your web browser. It is our believe that our web browser technique is safe, legal and in line with your company's Cyber Security Policy. 

When inserting the credentials into the CrewLounge AERO apps, you are not sharing your login or password with a third-party company! We do not have access to the credentials that you insert into the apps!  Your credentials are encrypted and stored locally on your phone. Just like web browsers store your login data from all kinds of other websites that you visit. Again, there is no difference with your browser! 

The protection of your privacy and your personal data is very important to us! We take this very seriously! We are pleased to mention that CrewLounge AERO is a Trusted Business Partner for several airlines.

If you are a post holder in your company, please contact us to accredit CrewLounge AERO as your trusted partner.