Unfortunately we receive this call every day...!   ENT (Entreprise) users are safe, they have automatic database backup to mccCLOUD

Follow these steps :

1)  Download and run the Installer Package for Windows PC or Mac OS.

2)  Launch the application and go to the Tools - Update page :

  • Download the latest software update !  (the installer package does not have the latest updates)
  • Restart the application to install the new update.   Windows Vista-7-8-10   You may have to start from Windows START - mccPILOTLOG - mccPILOTLOG Update Installer to force the update.

3)  On the Tools - Upgrade to PRO-ENT Edition page :

  •   PRO / ENT users   Insert your PRO or ENT user license key

4)  On the Tools - Backup page, restore your database :

  •  STD / PRO users   Restore the backup from your private backup folder, as follows :

    1. select ''Network drive or removable device'' from the dropdown list in the Restore Backup frame
    2. press the Retrieve button
    3. you can (optionally) press the View button to take a glance at the contents of the backup
    4. press the Install Backup button

  •  ENT users   Restore the backup from mccCLOUD, as follows :

     Version 3.6 

    1. select ''mccCLOUD'' from the dropdown list in the Restore Backup frame
    2. press the Retrieve button
    3. press the Install Backup button

 Version 4.0 
  1. select ''mccCLOUD'' from the dropdown list in the Restore Backup frame  
  2. press the Browse button, select the latest backup available
  3. press the Install Backup button

5)   ENT users   If the crashed computer was linked to mccCLOUD, you need to re-connect the computer to the device list, as follows :

  • go to the Settings - PC Mobile Sync page

  • if this computer is not showing in the device list, then add the device to the list

  • if this computer is still listed and you want to re-use the same Sync ID, then continue as follows :

    • go to the Tools - Helpdesk page
    • insert the CID=..... command in the Run Action box  (see below)
    • press the Execute button

                             CID=X              (Version 3 for Windows is using ID in range 1 thru 9)
                             CID=XX            (Version 4 for Windows/Mac is using ID in range 11 thr 99 )

                             e.g.  Your Sync ID for the crashed computer was  WKSLWPQQAMWE-1G, then use the command  CID=1

                    CAUTION :   do NOT re-use any ID from Version 3 in Version 4 !