ENT users only  You can run mccPILOTLOG on multiple desktops and synchronize with mobile apps.  You can use any combination of Windows PC, Mac OS, iPhone/iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Fire Kindle.

Each device runs its own local database, allowing you to run the application off-line. Any change made to a record in the local database is automatically synchronized to all other databases on the other devices through mccCLOUD.

 NOTE !    The PC, Mac and any laptops must be the same software version.  You cannot synchronize Version 3.6 (Windows) with Version 4.0 (Windows / Mac).  Verify the About page of the desktop software to find out what version you have.


All mobile apps are Version 4.0 or above.  These apps can still sync with Version 3.6 (desktop) if you use the correct Sync ID.  In Version 3.6 the Sync ID ranges from 1 to 9 (e.g. ABCDEFGHIJKL-6W )  while in Version 4.0 the Sync ID ranges from 10 through 99 (e.g. ABCDEFGHIJKL-12G ).

When you install mccPILOTLOG on an additional desktop, the database is empty. To load the database on the new computer, follow these guidelines :

On the FIRST computer

 1) On the Settings - PC Mobile Sync page :

  • add this computer to the mccCLOUD Device List  (if not yet done before)

 2) On the Tools - Helpdesk page :

  • press the Re-Install Last Update button to download the latest revision

  • restart the software

 3) On the Tools - Backup page :

  • press the yellow cloud icon to upload a backup to mccCLOUD

On the NEW computer

1) Download and run the Installer Package for Windows PC or for Mac OS.

2) Launch the application and go to the Tools - Update Software page :

  • Download the latest software update ! (the installer package does not have the latest updates)
  • Restart the application to install the new update.   Windows Vista-7-8-10  You may have to start from Windows START - MCC Pilotlog - MCC Pilotlog Update Installer to force the update

3) On the Tools - Upgrade to PRO-ENT page :

  •  PRO / ENT users   Insert your PRO or ENT user license key

4) On the Tools - Backup page :

  •  STD / PRO users   Restore the backup from your private backup folder (dropbox, USB memory stick, etc)
  •   ENT users   Retrieve the backup from mccCLOUD

  Video Tutorial  

In the following Video Tutorial, we explain you :

  1. How to add multiple desktop computers to the mccCLOUD Device List
  2. How to transfer your database from the first desktop to the others
  3. How databases are automatically kept in sync