ENT users only

To use and sync mccPILOTLOG desktop with your mobile phone / tablet, you need the ENT (Enterprise) user license.  Purchase the license from the website Order page.

 NOTE !    The PC, Mac and any laptops must be the same software version.  You cannot synchronize Version 3.6 (Windows) with Version 4.0 (Windows / Mac).  Verify the About page of the desktop software to find out what version you have.

All mobile apps are Version 4.0 or above.  These apps can still sync with Version 3.6 (desktop) if you use the correct Sync ID.  In Version 3.6 the Sync ID ranges from 1 to 9 (e.g. ABCDEFGHIJKL-6W )  while in Version 4.0 the Sync ID ranges from 10 through 99 (e.g. ABCDEFGHIJKL-12G ).

Follow these steps to enable mccCLOUD sync :

1) On the Settings - Sync PC Mobile page (PC / Mac) :

  • add your PC / Mac to the mccCLOUD Device List
  • add your Mobile Phone / Tablet to the Device List  (use this SYNC ID in step 2)

2) Insert the SYNC ID at the bottom or top (depending on the OS) of the Settings page in the Mobile app

3) On the Sync page (PC / Mac):

  • select the 3 checkboxes located abeam the vertical line in the Reset Mobile Database frame
  • press the Sync button

4)  Press the Synchronize button on the Sync page in the Mobile app

  Video Tutorial  

The following Video Tutorial explains :

  1. How to add your mobile phone / tablet to the mccCLOUD Device List
  2. How to transfer your database from the desktop to the mobile app
  3. How to use the mobile app in combination with the desktop and the Airline Interface